Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seroquel and Cold Turkey

At age 31, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and ADD. I've been on Seroquel 300 XR for 8 months. I'm 50 pounds over weight, I have anxiety, I'm drowsy all the time, My blood pressure has been so high that my nose is bleeding constantly, my doctor refuses to let me stop, she won't listen to me. I even asked for a lower dose and she said no. So I've decided to stop on my own, because I don't want this medicine to eventually kill me. I just stopped cold turkey.

Below is my journal which I will update everyday to share with you my encounters as I go (Cold Turkey) after taking Seroquel for just 8 months. Maybe you've just been prescribe Seroquel, or considering it. Please follow up on my encounters before you start Seroquel or before you're already addicted.

Day 1 March 14th
I didn't take any Seroquel last night, I tossed and turned a little, but I feel great today. I woke right up, no grogginess, no dosing off during the day. I feel great.

Night 1
It's 2 am, I've tossed and turned all night, I'm in a puddle of sweat, I can't stop drinking water, and I can't stop peeing. I can't stay in the bed without running to pee or get water. I'm feeling flutters in my heart, man I don't feel right at all.

Day 2 March 15th
I'm wide awake, I'm achy, I'm moody, and I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. I’m very jittery. I'm not hungry, I haven't eaten all day. I'm misplacing things, and I'm extremly clumsy because my head is dizzy.

Night 2
I feel like I'm coming down from Heroin, I've kicked my sheets off the bed, I'm sweaty; my body is burning up, I can't stop drinking water, I can't stop peeing, I’m pacing, I am jittery, I'm twitching and jerking, I have not slept at all, I'm tempted to take some Seroquel I can't take this anymore. I'm getting scared.

Day 2 March 16th
It's Monday and I look like Crap, I'm nauseated, jittery, I'm over excited and rushed, and I can't think straight. My body keeps sweating for no reason, I've never had sweat spots under the arm pits of my shirts. I need to go home and take another bath, I feel I’m sweaty from the gym. I don’t feel clean at all today. I keep feeling like I have to throw up, my head hurts like hell and I am so dizzy. I keep drinking water because I am cotton mouth.

Night 2
I can't eat dinner, I'm jittery, my body keeps twitching, I'm sweaty, I'm having crazy dreams in and out of my sleep, I'm hot I'm cold, I need to throw up. I'm clammy and cotton mouth. I fell into this quick coma like deep sleep, and it was so realistic as if I was suddenly drowning in this black thick tar like fluid, and it was clogging my nose and throat. I couldn't breath, and my chest started caving in, my chest was in excruciating pain. I tried my damnest to open my eyes and wake up, because I honestly felt like I was going to die in my sleep, no I was dying, I was coherently saying in my head "I should not have gone cold turkey this way, I am about to die When I opened my eyes, it took a few seconds to breath and I started crying. I was afraid to go back to sleep so I sat up until morning.

Day 3 March 17th
I’m late for work, I can't hold anything down I'm throwing up and I have diarrhea there's nothing left in my body. I have a migraine from hell, and I just want to go home. I feel really bad and I’m afraid, I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack. I'm jittery and feel really really bad. I think I need to go to the hosptital.

Night 3
I stayed up till 2am, I was meditating to Zen music with a slide show of peaceful pictures on youtube. I did a lot of slow breathing and I took two 25mg Sominex Tablets. The Pharmacist at CVS told me that would be fine to do. I drank a lot of water, and kept peeing till I got well relaxed and did some slow in and out breaths until I drifted off.

Day 4 March 18
I woke up at 7:30am, got to work on time. I thought my withdrawal symptoms have subsided. I thought to myself "is it finally over? Oh hell, my head feels like it's filled with water. I'm getting some spasm from the back of my neck to the top of my head down to the middle of my forehead. It's this feeling like I need my neck snapped by a Chiropractor. I took some Ibuprofen, it did nothing. I'm nauseated again, and my digestive muscles keep contracting like I need to use the bathroom, but nothings there. I'm disorganized, I'm working really slow today. I've been day dreaming on and off. My co-worker was telling me about her late night randevú and I just totally zoned out. I brought myself back and just played it off by laughing when she was done, as if I understood was she was saying, but honestly I didn't hear a damn thing, I just saw her mouth moving. I feel so crappy, I wish I can just go home and get in the bed. My kid has a concert tonight at School, I pray that my stomach doesn't make those crazy noises, my headache will go away, and the twitching can just hold off until it's over.

Night 4
I made it through the show, though I was dozing in and out, I am exhausted. All I want to do is hide from the world and just sleep for a few days. My head hurts so bad, I took 2 Tylenol PM's, I fell asleep at 12am, slept like a baby until 4am, I woke up and had to run as fast as I could to the bathroom, I felt like I was about to explode from both ends. I slept in my bathroom floor. God, I can't wait till this is over.

March 19 Day 5
Oh, this is cold turkey is about to be at my worst. I got my period. I am so exhausted, I feel faint, I am dragging, I don't want to do anything but sleep. I need sleep. My head hurts so bad, my body feels like I have the flu. I feel like I should go to the hospital, I feel like I am about to drop dead at any time. Everything today is going on in slow motion.

Day 5 Night I was so exhausted from my disturbing nights these last few days, my eyes felt like they had weights on them at 11:30 pm my face hit the pillow and I went into a deep sleep and suddenly felt a hard flutter in my chest near my heart, my body immediately jolted, I sat up in a panic holding on to my chest. I thought not another night Please God let me be OK tonight. I got up and drank a cup of cold water and sat up for about an hour just trying to read, waiting for what's next. I got sleep again and I drifted off at about 1:30 am, slept till 7:30 am. It wasn't much sleep, but my body needed that so bad. I can't wait to go home and get back into the bed, I'm still dragging, I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

March 20th Day 6
I had the chills this morning, my body was achy like I had the flu. Food smells drove me nuts, it kind of reminds me of pregnant morning sickness. I had an on and off massive headache and I was exhausted, my body feels so drained. I found something today in CVS that has helped me through the rest of the day with my Nausea, it's called Emitrol it's a syrup that is made especially for the problems I was having with different smells making me sick, that watery mouth sensation like I'm going to throw up, it really subsided those symptoms today.

Night 6
I felt much better the Emitrol really helped me, I was able to eat something without getting sick from the smell. I took 2 Sominex at 9pm, watched a meditation slide show of peaceful places with relaxing sounds of Zen. I was off to sleep at 10:30pm and slept straight through the night.

March 21 Day 7
I woke up at 7am with a headache, I eat a slice of bread and took 2 motrins and passed out till 10am. I felt fine but felt sick from the smell of breakfast, I took some Emitrol, felt much better. My pressure went up around 4pm, my Doctor prescribed Lisinopril for my pressure, so I took that and felt good. Today was not a bad day, I can tell I'm getting close to beating this cold turkey. My skin looks better, no zoning out, no more slurring, I'm starting to remember things again. I'm feeling much better.

March 27 Day
Hi everyone, I guess you are wondering where I've been. I've been in the Hospital, yes Hospital. Just when I thought the sun was finally coming out and my battle with Seroquel was over I went from Bad, to OK, to Worst. On the 22nd and 23rd, I was terribly ill, I couldn't hold anything down, I hadn't eaten in days, I began to get spasms in the back of my head, neck, and back, and the twitching started to become noticeable, so noticeable that a co-worker took me to the side and said to me "what the hell is going on, you look like shit and what's with the jerking during the meeting? I had to call out from work, because I could not leave the bed. I was so scared, I didn't know how to tell my Doctor what I've done, I was for sure after all this time, my nervous system was destroyed. Well a few days ago I went to work and noticed sharp pains in the middle of my chest, I kept taking pepcid, drinking cold water, and ginger ale because I thought it was indigestion. That night around 1am I was watching TV and son was asleep. I began wheezing from the shortness of breath and the intense pain in my chest, I went on line and I read that when this happens in women it could be a heart attack. I couldn't leave my young son alone, I didn't want to wake him up to go to the hospital, so I sat up all night crying and afraid to sleep because I thought I was going to die. I was sweating, shaking, nauseated, and my chest felt like someone was trying to rip out my ribs. By that morning, I played it cool, I kissed my son, told him I love him and I sent him off to school, I sat down to catch my breath and started seeing pix elated dots, I immediately got dressed, and high tailed to the Hospital. The moment I walked in the door I told the registration nurse that I think I'm having a heart attack, she then said fill out this form quickly and I'll take you in the back. All I remember is writing my first name and everything just went black, the next thing I knew, I woke up with an oxygen tube in my nose, I was hooked up to a heart monitor, and had an IV in my arm. The Doctor said if I hadn't come in any sooner, I would have had a stroke and died. My blood pressure was so high I almost had a stroke, the Doctors caught it in time, I was delirious and light headed from dehydration. They were trying to find out, what put my body in such distress, when I told them I went cold turkey on Seroquel, the 2 nurses and Doctor all looked at one another and one nurse said "You actually stopped Seroquel 300 XR? you could of killed yourself " They treated the nauseau, dehydration, and blood pressure with IV, then the gave me something that relaxed me. I was so exhausted, I slept through the night like a baby. Day 3 (today) they let me go home. This incident was the result of addictive withdrawal from stopping Seroquel 300 XR cold turkey. I've been thanking God over and over for not taking me from my son. I will continue the Wellbutrin in the morning and resort to a natural sleep aid for the night like Sleep MD. If there's anyone out there reading this blog, everything here is true and it's my life. I can't stress to you more that getting off anti-psychotic drugs cold turkey is life threatening, it is dangerous as hell. If your doctors won't listen to you, like mine didn't, don't get pissed and just stop like I did. See another Doctor and ask him to help you through the weaning process. Seroquel withdrawal is an orientation of Heroine withdrawal. It will make you extremely sick and you can die.


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  2. lol, I'm here seroxxx. Almost wasn't, I made it.

    1. Thanks for tgis i stopped for a week and im really dizzy and ive been taking seroquel since i was 4 and im 14 now im trying to stop cold turkey

    2. My dr took me off suddenly Monday May 12 , I was only in 300 mg for a few weeks but on 150 for about a year he upped my dosage because he took me off ambien 10 mg cold turkey and I was on that for 3 years I go to him may 29 if I am still alive - I have been off it for three days now - fighting a infection so I am on antibiotics also I have been feeling nauseated don't know which it is coming from - I keep telling myself I can do this . I don't understand what he could not ween me off

  3. Shoot! Thank God you're still there! I read your post and was horrified! I'm so happy you are still ok! These medicines are designed so that you cannot withdraw them... But I still encourage you to do so! My girlfriend is doin the same thing atm. She's on day 9 today and it's been hell! The day 1..3 were ok, then came the vomitting, nausea, diahrrea, headaches, "bad thoughts", brain "lock" and depersonalisation with dizzieness.

    Luckily all this was put to hold after few more days (days 3-6). Now we've had the same problems as which caused the medication: the obsessive thoughts that somebody wants her to pleasure her in anyway possible....

    But not all the time. Maybe a couple of times a day. But Iäm now able to tell her and make her listen to what's going on in her brains. That they are just her own thoughts. Nothing more. She doesn't need to listen them.

    Hopefully things will get better there as well as here.

    I wish yuo a lot of strength!

    P.S. I know you better without the drug!

    Seroxxx ;)

  4. Seroxxx, I will pray for your girlfriend, and before she gets any worst or end up in the Hospital like me, I would see a different M.D. I'm saying this because I did it the wrong way and I have uncontrolled muscle movements that I cannot control, they're not extreme but it's there. Also your gilrfriend should tell you if her chest hurts, or she is seeing spots. I met someone on a blog who actually had a heart attack, and another died. They all went cold turkey like me and did not know how dangerous it really is. If there is any info I can get you let me know.

  5. I was very scared for you when I read your blog post. I am very glad you got to the hospital before things could have gotten worse. I used to take 25 mg for sleep, to offset the Lexapro I used to take. Lexapro was making my blood pressure go up over the years, so I stopped taking it last year. I was still taking the Seroquel as I have been dependent on it for sleep previously. Over the past few months, I cut down the pill more and more every few days, until I was probably taking 5-10mg, maybe less. I stopped taking Seroquel completely 7 days ago. Thankfully I have been able to sleep without it. The only withdrawal I had was after one day of being off it, I had this kind of triangular kalidiscope type thing pop up in my vision to the corner of my one eye, and it went away about after 15 minutes. I've had this once before, and that was back when I went off of ambien about 10 years ago, so I knew it had to be from the seroquel. The other thing I had was I felt a pinch in my leg the other night, like something biting me. It felt like a pinched nerve- lasted a few minutes, then went away. Next night got the same thing in my neck before I went to sleep, then it went away. These are the only weird things that have happened as a result of withdrawal. Just thought i'd share in case these things happen to anyone else.

  6. OMG I am trying to stop Seroquel too and I'm experiencing the same things as you. I'm so afraid to go to a hospital because I'm afraid their going to give me Seroquel. Thank you for your honesty

  7. I just stopped taking all my med last night I am on 6. I can't afford them and what the hell is the point in taking them if they don't work. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. One of my meds is Seroquel 100 XR. Thank you for posting this I will becareful from this point on to what my body symptoms are.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for everyone else too who has commented and shared their story. I have been taking Seroquel for about 5 years. I moved to a different city 2 yrs ago and had to switch psychiatrists which has been such an ordeal since I can't find one who is anywhere as good as my one in my previous city. At my last appt a couple of days ago my psychiatrist told me to stop taking my Seroquel 400mg XR. Not taper off, not reduce, just plain stop. I thought this was kind of weird, since my old psychiatrist never, never, never would have had me stop taking medication like that. So I stopped taking my Seroquel and the first day without it was HORRIBLE. I was having flashes of being really really hot, then really really cold. My face was red all day, at random times of day I thought I had a fever, my forehead and body was burning up, I was sweating all over the place and had to change my clothes about 4 times and take 3 showers, I felt nauseated all day, I felt horrible like I had the flu, my body hurt all over, every muscle, every bone, every organ ached. Then later in the day I started seeing spots and literally could not get out of my bed. My boyfriend came to see me, he walked in the house and I told him I thought he was dying. After asking me some questions I told him about stopping taking Seroquel. He was horrified that my doctor had told me to quit Seroquel completely. He called the office which was closed and talked to the on call physician. The lady told me to NOT stop taking Seroquel and to continue taking it until I called Monday and then demand that my doctor taper me off, not stop me cold turkey all at once. Please, please, please if you think you are going to stop taking Seroquel, even against a doctor's advice, start by tapering yourself off. The withdrawl symptoms are horrible and can be incredibly dangerous. Just because it is a prescription medication does not mean it is safe. And all doctors do not know what is best for you so a lot of times you must advocate for yourself. I am so mad I didn't question the doctor when she told me to cut off my medicine. I have been to psychiatrists too who have given me medicine which caused partial complex seizures (ones where you are still sitting up and conscious, you're just not in control of your body, for me I would immediately have to sit down because I felt like I was gonna fall and then my hands would tense up, my eyes would race back and forth and my tongue would start undulating)and when I told the psychiatrist I was seeing he told me "muscle twitchiness" was normal. I think I know the difference between muscle twitchiness and an abnormal reaction!! But anyway, thank you for sharing your stories because when I read this I knew I wasn't being paranoid, I was having a medicial issue!

  9. I was taking seraquel at a real low dose for only a
    few weeks now and my psych told me to stop taking it because my feet, legs and sometimes my fingers are twitching. My feet have twitched eight times since I started this post. This is my first "full" day of not taking it and I have had a headache since yesterday. I'm wondering that since I haver been taking it for that long (3 times a day) am I gonna withdawl from it as bad as everyone else has? This whole leg twitching crap is starting to piss me off. My psychologist doesn't think "my leg twitching is from the med". Dude it's one of the rare call your doc side effects jackass.
    Anyway any help would be cool. I am glad you guys have withdrew all safely.
    Thank you

  10. I have only been on this med for a couple weeks but I find it is making me very aggitated and angry almost. Everyday is the same and I hate it. I'm thinking of stopping. I'm on 150mg extended release once daily. It does help me sleep but I can take Tylenol PM for that really. It seems scary to stop cold turkey but I cant take this.

  11. I was wondering if you are still off of seroquel?

  12. Hi there!

    Thanks for sharing your story. I have been on Seroquel since October 2008 and have had quite a rough time of it. I "weened" myself from 150 to 100mg back in January and about a week ago weened myself again to 50mg for three nights... then lost the Seroquel bottle so have totally stopped cold Turkey.

    Vomited today, felt "shakey", "headachey" and overall just very unpleasant. Slept a lot through napping and had very odd, very vivid dreams.

    Have you been able to maintain without being on Seroquel? Are you on other meds? How have you been doing?

    1. You really should have weaned yourself off of Seroquel very slowly to diminish the withdrawal effects.

  13. I'm on Seroquel 600mg at night - just forgot to fetch my prescription yesterday afternoon and didn't drink my meds last night. Feeling absolutely terrible. The chills, sweating, aching and anxiety is really getting out of hand. Was wondering whether I should stop because I was starting to develop the same Tardive Dyskinesia symptoms that I had on my previous anti-psychotic - Stelazine. Lately I've been having facial ticks, my muscles are all locked up etc. Seroquel used to be really great for me but it's not anymore. And I REALLY need to use an anti-psychotic. The voices and hallucinations drive me crazy otherwise.

  14. Thank you for sharing your story. I have been taking Seroquel 200MG nightly for 4 years. It helps me tremendously. However, due to a change in health insurance I was unable to get my prescription refilled last week and it has now been 6 days without Seroquel. I feel like I am going to die. My body is so hot I feel like it is going to explode. All of my muscles ache, I am vomiting, have diarrhea, cannot eat, cannot sleep, cry on and off for no reason and I am starting to see things that aren't there. I am also very itchy and cannot stop scratching. It will be 3 more days until I get my Seroquel in the mail and I don't know if I can last that long. I am afraid to go to the hospital because I cannot afford to be out of work if I am admitted. I would kill to get my hands on some Seroquel NOW.

  15. My doctor just stopped my Seroquel yesterday. She isn't weaning me or anything. I was having such horrible side effects ( weight gain, muscle pain, swelling in the legs and ankles, indigestion and bloated). I am afraid b/c everything I read says to be weaned off. I was incereased from 200mg xr to 30mg xr about 6 weeks ago and when the dosage increased I became miserable.

    Today has been bad my hands are shaking, my head is throbbing, my leg and hand muscles are twitching and I just feel off. My appetite went from revenous to non existant. I could not concentrate and kept day dreaming at work.

    I called it quits around one came home and went to sleep. Has anyone everheard of a doctor taking someone off cold turkey after being on the med 7 months.

  16. I have been on regular seroquel since 2007 50-100mg for sleep. I just started 400 mg 2 weeks ago to replace lithium because I now have chronic kidney disease from the lithium. I think that this medication is more than I need and these side effects are really frightening. My blood pressure is through the roof and I just turned 30, hence the kidney disease. The dr. can't seem to tell me if it's a direct result of medication or not. I just don't want to get worse. I'm worried that another dependency and withdrawal could give me a heart attack. I'm going to ask if I should start tapering now before I get addicted. There has to be a better option for bipolar besides this.

  17. Thanks SO much for sharing..I quit my 100mg dose cold turkey a few weeks ago and I am not well. I was hoping to find out if what I was feeling is normal..Cant think straight enough to even write this as I really want..but thank you again for sharing..

    1. You really should have weaned yourself off of Seroquel very slowly to diminish the withdrawal effects.

  18. Thank you for sharing. I cold-turkeyed 400 mg XR 4 days ago - I missed my period so worried I might be pregnant?

    I couldn't sleep for 41 hours straight. Then slept 6 hours. Then up most (all?) the night again tonight.

    I feel uncomfortable and nauseated when my stomach is empty.

    Getting onto this stuff was way worse than this. But I can't wait to get to my Dr., blood pregnancy test (hopefully negative) and get back on my regular meds.

  19. I need to get off Seroquel because I believe it is causing me to have bladder spasms which are very painful. Even when I take a small amount I have spasms. Has anyone successfully weaned off Seroquel and feel normal now?

    1. Yes. I do. Respirdal and seraquel on one month schizophrenic and dealing with the spirits wonderful.

  20. Hi guys,

    I'm about to have a second attempt at coming off Seroquel 300mg. I tried a few months back by dropping back to 150mg which went relatively well, but dropping down to 0 was torture. I was lucky I didn't have my 2 year old son at the time & I was on holidays from work for the Christmas/New Year break because I was literally disabled. I didn't sleep for almost 2 weeks except for small naps at night & I got the worst migraine of my life. I was literally screaming into my pillow & thought I was having a stroke or something. I'd taken so many Digesic & Endone to ease the migraine that I could barely walk or talk & was on the verge of calling an ambulance (which in hindsight I should've done). I saw my dr the next day & he saw the state I was in & put me straight back on the 300mg dose until we knew what to do next as I HAD to sleep. My psychiatrist was on holidays for 2 months (& still is) so my GP took on my mental health care & I'm remaining with him now as he's available to see anytime and isn't $250 a session. We've dropped the dosage to 150mg again & will review in a week. This time I'll have my boyfriend around to support me whereas last time he was overseas & I was doing it alone. I've put on so much weight & have terrible twitches & night sweats so I'm dying to get off this drug as it's the worse of the few that I take. I'm hoping to start trying for another baby in a years time so it's really important to me that this works. Thanks everyone for your honesty here. It's great to know I'm not alone. Will keep you all updated on how it goes! Hope you're all doing well. xo

  21. Ok, so I'm kinda hijacking this blog. But it seems the best place to share this stuff and I know there has to be other people out there going through the same thing.

    I'm on day 3 now. Night 1 was a nightmare as my boyfriend and I had a deep and meaningful that I got upset over and had a massive cry. I was so tired by the time we got to bed that I literally crashed. The next morning when I woke up, my bf had already got up and gone to do renovations on his house and I didn't wake up til 11am. I woke up with the worst anxiety I'd had in months. I'd had bad dreams that night and waking up without my bf just made things worse. It took me an hour to leave my bed and in that time, I'd started scratching a spot on my wrist until it was bleeding everywhere and was the size of a $1 coin. I eventually got up and washed it and then had some cereal until it was time to get ready to see a friend. Even being with my friend was creating mass anxiety. When I got home I had an alcoholic drink (which I very rarely do) and got ready to go out for dinner with my bf. I started having diarreah and my appetite just went to 0. I managed to eat a bit at dinner and had a vodka and champagne cocktail and got home and felt good. Spent some quality time with the bf and he fell asleep just after 9.30pm. I lay in bed for a while just cuddling him and then got up and took my Seroquel and Imovane (sleeping tablet) and went back to bed. I fell asleep probably 15 minutes later and slept well.

    Day 2 (being yesterday) was hard. My bf had a course on so I went shopping with a girlfriend and spent a lot of the day with her. She suffers from bipolar so she understands mental health issues. I had terrible anxiety, and ate very little. Had diarreah again, and eventually couldn't handle being in my house for even an hour on my own and went for a drive to the beach. I sat there for a while hoping it would help, but alas, it didn't. I started to drive home and got a call from my bf and we met at the supermarket to buy something for dinner. I didn't eat anything, and just wanted to cuddle my bf, so we lay on the bed and watched tv and I clung on to him so hard. I went and had a shower and then came back to bed and he stayed another half hour and went home. I'd had my Seroquel and Imovane and fell asleep about an hour after taking them. I woke up several times though unlike the 2 previous nights and I was tired getting up for work this morning. My appetite is very small today and I was anxiety free up until an hour ago. I'm doing ok though and focussing on work and have Diazepam in my bag if I need to take the edge off. My bf is quite stressed with things going on in his life with his house, so I don't want to add to his worries. After feeling a little insecure after our talk on Friday night, I've finally digested it all and realised I have nothing to worry about and my reaction was probably purely meds related. It seems as though the withdrawals prey on your anxiety levels and escalate them something terrible.

    The other thing I'm experiencing is a constant headache. It was turning into a migraine last night but I controlled it with Endone. I had to take Digesic this morning and it's gone for now. I have my 2 year old son again as of this afternoon for a week so it will be interesting to see the affect that has on how well I am...

    Please feel free to make comments or ask questions. And to Bella, I'm so sorry for taking over your blog. Feel free to tell me to get lost!!

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    3. Aline, I'm not sure if you will see this but if so, is this the best email address to contact you at - axxxxxxxx.br@gmail.com?

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  22. I have been on Seroquel for five years. Not in as high a dose as the previous posters. Mine varied from 100 to 200 depending on month/year.

    My psychiatrist continued to up the dosage all the time and I became upset. She told me she perscribes up to 800 to a few patients. When I told her those patients were either selling the stuff on the streets, enjoyed being comatose or working for a circus and tranquilzing the elephants she became very angry.

    Anyway I never went back and changed doctors.
    Currently my doctor lets me do what I feel is best for my body. I told her I wanted to tapper off Seroquel and she let me have some low dose of xanax for anxiety and a low dose of ambian for sleep. I was able to immedialtely go from 200 down to 100 for a month. Then from 100 to 50 for a month...then 50 to 25 for two weeks. Now I am at 25 because I do like the stuff. I have been on this dosage by choice for six months. At this low of a dose I have a stable mood still, can sleep and control weight etc...My journey down seems ok in hindsight. There was maybe a day once weekly where my mind felt like it was in a fish bowl. I had the occasional bad dream. A few mornings where I felt depressed or anxious. But, all in all it was tolerable. I knew that tappering off was the best way for me because we all have the one day we forgot our medicine and know how confusing and bad things get.

    Seroquel can be the devil hidden in the pill or a blessing...just listen to your body...be patient...AND do not take Seroquel with any cold medicine ever...because the drug interaction is the exact same as withdrawing.

    Oddly, my two daughters take the stuff. They bounce from 100 one day to 25 the next depending on school work..how much sleep they want etc... They don't have withdrawal symptoms at all unless they forget their medicine and then life is a dark and confusing abysse until they take their pill. Sorry for rambling.

  23. I went off 300 mg Seroquel 5 nights ago. I had severe leg cramps the first night and hand cramping for 2 days. I've had nausea from the first day and vomited once. Today I decided to wean off and took 50mg.

  24. I don't mean to sound mean or judgemental, but after I read your diary I just couldn't believe it.

    Quitting cold turkey (on any medication that your body is used to) is a very irresponsible thing to do, no matter how upset you are with your doctor or the side effects.

    I can't stressed this enough for anybody reading this: DONT EVER DO IT!!

    Lower your dose week by week until you get to zero. I did it for clonazepan and risperdal and it was very successful. Yes, it may take up to a month, but is safer and less stress on your body and mind.

    You don't even have to tell your doctor.

    I have been taking seroquel for over 4 years, and while I have not suffered any horrible side effects, I do feel sick if I miss a dose or don't take it on time.

    I have dealt with doctors who didn't believe me when I told them about side effects and I changed them until I could find somebody who addressed the problems. Is not a secret that not all doctors are the same, and some take advantage of their power.

    I hope you all good luck.

  25. I have been on Seroquel 100mg for about five years...suffered from depression so was also on antidepressants, the doctor said the seroquel was to help me sleep...it zonked me out so badly...I feel like I have lost the last five years of my life, mainly just because I was exhausted all the time and could never get up before early afternoon and then was always to tired to do anything....over the past few months I have tried talking to my doctor telling him I want my life back I just want to feel normal again....of course he said no....so over the last six weeks have gotten off my antidepressants on my own even though I was on the highest dose and thank goodness no bad withdrawals just slight nausea and upset tummy, a few headaches but nothing major, and over the last month have been cutting down on my serequal...and still no withdrawals...right up until I got to the last 25mg dose of serequal which I stopped taking five days ago, and I feel like I have been to hell and back...the nausea has been insane, even sitting up makes me feel really ill....upset stomach with awful cramps and pains, chills and then really boiling hot....I can't believe the last 25mg would be so harsh, if I hadn't done some research today think I may have given in and taken it again...I need to share what I read.
    The article said that serequal works great for schizophrinia (can't spell it) as people with this condition have hallucinations, they can see things..imagine things, and the article said it was medically proven that the hallucinations etc were caused by the person having to much dopamine in the brain....seroquel works so well with people suffering with schizophrinia as it blocks the dopamine.......basically in my mind this means if you have been taking serequal your dopamine levels have been significantly reduced....I did a bit of research into why we need dopamine....and...its our motivation...it causes us to feel pleasure...makes us want to get up and do things...I can't find the link but this is what I read today, it was on a medical site....I felt really upset when I read it....if only someone could have told me that this is what it would do....I hope someone out there will research...I typed in seroquel dopamine schizophrenia....thats when I discovered how our dopamine is greatly reduced by this drug, then I typed in why do we need dopamine.....and then realized why I have been feeling so unmotivated etc etc.
    sorry for the long ramble....
    I am feeling like crap again so have to lie down...its nearly 5am so hopefully might sleep soon...I hope this withdrawal goes away in the next few days it is so hard...good luck to everyone getting off this drug....I hope we all get our lives back again and I am looking forward to getting my dopamine back lol...hugs to all of us....Sandy

  26. Seroquel properties:

    - short half-life, doses go up and down: this can/is damaging if dose is low (<200mg), take seroquel multiple times per day
    - only doses above 300mg block dopamine, seroquel 300mg has effect that is similar to SNRI
    - seroquel is essentially 5-HT2A antagonist reducing glutamate and alpha2 antagonist increasing serotonin

    Major problem with many psychiatric medicines are that they destroy astrocyte cells within brain (10% reduction per year with seroquel). After too long use it may be impossible to withdraw and if damage is too bad withdrawal will kill you or you get impossible to handle problems.





  27. I quit all my medication last month, cold turkey. Seroquel XR (200 mg), Fluoxetine (40 mg), Lithium (600 mg), Metoprolol (20 mg)... Around September 10th.

    The first few days I nearly killed myself, and I have had bad heart palpitations and have difficulty with emotions. The emotions are easier to cope with. The palpitations come and go.
    My overactice thyroid has gone into normal mode.

    But reading this frightens me. I was in the hospital for a kidney infection two weeks ago; those symptoms have almost left. The heart thing is still there. Since it's been a month, am I safe?

    My psychiatrist told me I was fine until he phoned my mother to say I could have a life threatening reaction. I'm not sure what to think. He phoned her after two weeks had passed since I told him.

    Should I see a doctor, or should I wait?

  28. I took seroquel xr 200mg for bipolar for a few months, and at first got told that the drowsiness would wear off, but it didn't. It got worse so I was constantly zombified all day, I'd feel dizzy, I fainted twice, it ruined my concentration. I have ADHD, so concentration was always a massive problem until I started ritalin, but even with 60mg a day, the effects of seroquel over shadowed that, and so even if my moods were less extreme, I'd rather be able to concentrate and not feel tired and dizzy all the time.

    I stopped cold turkey about a week ago, I've slept five hours in that week, I feel sick all the time, I go so fast from HIGH to feeling so bad that I think about suicide and SI almost all the time. At least before it was every few days, now it's like that crammed into the space of a few hours. I can't stop crying or shaking.

    I'm gonna start taking them again though, see if that'll stop all the badness, and I'll tell my doctor I don't want them anymore.

  29. I stopped seroquel cold turkey, only 50mg though. Was in the hospital next day because everything I put in my mouth came right back up, food, water, everything, I never felt so horrible in my life. I was misdiagnosed as bipolar at age 14, the same time in my life that I got my period, realized I was gay, and got dumped by my first girlfriend. At 27, I'm still on the meds because my body is physically dependent on them, and that's scary. Seroquel is dangerous, nothing should do what it does to your body.

  30. Oh my Gosh! I am crying as I read this....
    Your information has helped me sooo much in making a decision. I am gaining weight and want to quit so bad but something told me to research quitting on my own. You have saved my life right now...you couldn't imagine how I feel. Before serouqel I was on Paxil for two years only because I couldn't afford to stop...insurance had lapsed so it weasel cheaper to stay on meds because it made me super sick when I tried to stop it. You couldn't even talk around me without me crying out in pain and the symptoms you mentioned times 12.
    Now I'm on serouqel and was praying that it wouldn't be like the Paxil. Been off for only one day and I haven't slept at all last night. I have refills and a new rx. Hadn't planned on picking them up. But guess where I'm headed now?! I am scared as hell right now. At least I see my doc next week and then I'll discuss an alternative without weight gain

  31. yeah how are you all doing I'm a man my name is micah. I've been taken syraquil about a year now. my wife says itmakes me very very mean ,andwhen she wakes me up I act like the devil , running around the house screaming at every buddy . in the weirdest thing is no matter how hard I think. I can't remember doing any of it. so I said f*** this. I put them in the toilet and took a shit . no really I'm now then off of it for 10 days I did kinda get sick and the first 3 nights I sweat so bad but now I just can't stop f****** itching.

  32. Bella... email me at danielscissorhands@yahoo.com I don't know how to contact you. Don't know how you contact people on Blogspot.

    Did you erase my post?


  33. Truth, been on Seroquel 400mg XR for about 5 years. Also been smoking marijuana for the majority of that time. Recently stopped the MJ and severe depression has sunk in. I've gotten used to the symptoms of schizoaffective disorder and am searching for a psychiatrist to help taper me off the medication. I feel and hope that I will better be able to handle the symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder now that I have so much experience with them. Thank you all for the posts. After reading these comments and the blog I will definitely be tapered off the Seroquel. I still had symptoms like hearing voices, vivid dreams, and visual hallucinations while on the Seroquel, but found that prayer and requests to my higher power for protection significantly helped. Not afraid anymore. Best wishes to all of us.

    Also, Bella if you're still around please let us know how you are doing... whether or not you decided to go back onto the medication it would be nice to hear from you. Thanks again for posting this blog.

  34. Ive been on seroquel xr 400mg since i was 17. its been 3 days since i took the meds and i feel like crap. cant keep anything down. does anyone know how i can feel better until i can get more

  35. I have been on and off different meds for the better part of 20 years. Recently was put on seroquel xr 50 mg with samples given to me by my doctor. I have severe insomnia but I had that before. have been on for almost two months hasn't really helped. Would like to quit cold turkey but am afraid.

  36. Hi everybody! I've only just been taking Seroquel XR 300mg for a month now, my pills are about to run out and I put in a call to my doctor telling him I want to be off of these meds. I have no job and not insurance, and this month has been trials of the meds. It doesn't help. I get more depressed and stressed out than before. I've also started having very crazy, creepy, scary dreams. My blood pressure has always been amazing, but on Seroquel XR it jumped. It's scary. I get sweaty too easily, even in a house that's perfectly climate controlled, and I'm not doing anything but watching tv. My throat is sore at this moment, and I've literally only spoken to one person today, and that was five minutes. My doctor hasn't called me back, an I felt the urge to just stop it. That's why I came online. This was the first thing that showed up in my search. Talk about scary.If my doctor doesn't call me by end of business hours on Friday, Sept 7th, 2012, I'll admit myself into the hospital, 'cause I'll be completely out of my drugs with no possible way to get any more of them, or to get to another doctor. Thank you so much for putting up your experience, it has helped me greatly. <3 If anyone on here is curious and wants to get ahold of me, email me at pepperstark@aol.com Thanks again.

  37. Day 1, DO NOT QUIT ALONE!!! I just started taking Seroquel a month ago, I was told it was for anxiety and panic attacks. I was not getting relief, it even made me feel worse. I decided to give it a chance and each day got worse, no kidding, each day. After the first week, I started getting very dizzy, my heart raced.. I felt crazy. I thought each day when I woke up that I should go to the hospital. That I should be admitted. I found this sight and read the stories, thank goodness this was here. i called the crisis line in my area and they said to not do it alone, 300mg ER. She said it could cause life threatening side effects. I was completely out yesterday and was going to cold turkey it. Hourly before my dose was due in the evening I was getting more and more of that crazy feeling and my anxiety was out of control, taking 3-5mg of xanax a day! I am allowed 3 and would take maybe 1mg max before this drug. I could not take seeing things out of the corner of my eye.. it felt like I was on acid (I am 35 now and did that a couple times when I was a kid). things were moving.. my eyes would shake back and forth... I had dry mouth like crazy for a couple weeks. I knew something was wrong.. I went to check myself in to the hospital. The ER doc said he was very glad I came in and I demanded to be an inpatient or weened down. He did tests and I was suffering from anifotectic shock. My electrolites were out of whack, it caused an irregular heart beat, my blood sugar was very very low. I usually have high BP and it was so low they gave me a shot of something. They had me on an IV for 2 hours. The doc came in and said.. I need to fire my doctor.. I didnt need this drug and that if I would have waited 2 weeks to a month I could have died easily. He told me to go from 300mg down to 150mg for 5 days then quit completely. 150mg is VERY high still and I am scared to death of cutting 150 to nothing. He said it was better to have the side effects now, that I was poisoning my body. I see people on here that are on a WAY lower dose and they had problems still cold turkeying it. This is day one. I felt ok this morning, amazingly no anxiety. My heart is beating all weird. I am sweating like crazy. I cant look anyone in the eye, almost like paranoid. Now it is evening and it is getting really hard. I know it will be hard. all i did was go through clothes to give to charity and I could only stand it for about 10 minutes and I was seeing things move.. like an earthquake was going off... nonstop :-( My eyes feel like sand paper I am so dehydrated again. I am twitching all over. will keep you all posted on how this goes

  38. My god I could type all night and day. This is all I am thinking about, I cant even watch my favorite football team play. Its the evening, still first day. I have held my forehead with my fingers and shut my eyes so much from dizzyness I have a bruise on my forehead. The light is killing me, but when I shut my eyes it is like the spins times 10. I cant eat or drink even though my lips are bleeding from dehydration. I just want to cry but I have to keep it together. If you want to tell me your story or have questions, i am on Facebook. I dont check my email so look up Wendy Elsey (Hamilton) in Troutdale, Oregon. I want to go to the hospital but I just want last night...

  39. God help me. Last night I was told not to take anything, it was killing my body and is very toxic in my system. I feel like I am going to die. My doc cant even get me in for friday. I slept 3 hours and my heart is going crazy. I feel like I am walking on jello when I put a foot on the ground. It feels like a earthquake. I feel like I drank 100 cups of coffee. I just want to feel ok. This is a pure nightmare. The ER doc said I had to get this out now! 150mg to 0. what the hell is happening

  40. I been taking seroquel for a year and a half I'm down to 50 I took it for a bit of anxiety from a bad break up and sleep but I was partying a lot back then sl could have been the booze. I want off this I don't have a doctor I just get my script refilled at a walk in .. I have the worst anxiety ever I never had it before this drug that's why I'm trying to get off it has anyone else felt like this and does it go away when u stop taking it. A doctor told me to try and take one every other day for 2 weeks and stop ..anyone have suggestions on a safer way to stop that works

  41. 800mg to 0mg in three weeks. I feel like my kidneys are about to rupture. ER doc gave me meds for my bp. It helps the anxiety too. I am diagnosed schizoeffective and I'm scared the symptoms will come back. But this drug was killing me. Very dangerous!!! Best of luck to everyone.

  42. Wow... that's scary. I was experiencing quite bad chest pain. I should have listened to my husband and gone to the hospital =/ Day 11 and withdrawing still.

  43. Thank you for writing this.. I tried to kick this drug many times.. But after the third day I always took them again.. I am 19 years old.. I have a pre-existing hear condition (Irregular beats) And I was told that in itself was dangerous (While taking Seroquel)..I feel like if I don't go about getting off them soon and in a safe way.. It will kill me.. Every night I take them and I can feel my heart beat slow down.. And I feel so out of it and sick.. I have gained weight and I am never awake during the day.. I asked my dr about getting off them and all she says is she wants me on 300 mg and then we will talk.. She constantly tells me that it will start to help then.. I have been on them for about 5 months and am only on 100 mg right now.. But I do not feel normal at all.. I hate what they are doing to me.. I always feel so disconnected to the world and never know what to do.. I am just so scared to be on this medicine because I feel like it is going to kill me one way or another.. No dr listens to me.. Always just tells me to ride it out.. Well I can't anymore.. I get to much negative from this and it has to be over with.. Ugh right now I don't even feel like me.. I am writing this but never 100% on what I am saying.. Sorry if it seems like I am rambling.. I am just so off the wall confused lately.. >.> I have been given this for Bi-Polar II disorder.. I am not sure if I mentioned that.. I have not much else to say but I need to stop these.. And I hope I do.. Thank you again.. If it wasn't for me reading this I probably would have been dead within two weeks.. Thank you..

  44. Bella and All of you: thanks for posting your experiences. I would never ever try to go cold turkey on psi medications. I used to be on 200 mg Seroquel XR for anxiety -- for about one year and a half. Previously I've been on other psycotic medications for about two and a half years. Again, this has been prescribed for panic and anxiety attacks. Everything under medical supervision. Last summer, my blood test has gotten bad with elevated glucose levels, has gained 100 lbs, and bad liver panels. The pdoc has realized Seroquel XR is the one that contributes to all these factors. Reason why she has decided to wean me off VERY, VERY slowly. And for you guys to understand what that means, I will be very specific, so maybe it will help you do it the right way.

    Being on Seroquel XR 200mg the pdoc said we will reduce 25 mg per month (!!!) as follows:

    1. First month we will switch from 200 mg SEroquel XR to 150 mg XR + 25 mg RegularSeroquel = 175 mg of Seroquel into the brain; Seroquel XR comes in pills of 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg, and 300 mg. You can't cut the XR pill but you can cut the regular one.

    2. Month two: reduced (weaned a bit) to Seroquel XR 150 mg. And by weaned means that the doc said to take the first two weeks of the month 150 mg Seroquel XR + half of 25 mg pill of Seroquel Regular; after two weeks (when the doctor said the 12.5 mg of Seroquel Regular should be off the system); the other two plus weeks of the month I should continue with 150 mg of Seroquel XR;

    3. Month three: continue the process in the same path, reducing the dosage with 25 mg: that means Seroquel XR 100 mg + Seroquel Regular 25mg;

    4. Month four: reduce again 25 mg of Seroquel Regular in two steps: first two weeks take 100 mg Seroquel XR + 12.5 mg Seroquel Regular, and the rest of the month with only Seroquel XR 100 mg.

    NOW!!! Because the SINGLE VERY LITTLE side effect I've had from taking 25mg of Seroquel Regular (and is YES! "side effect" not withdrawal symptom because my brain was used with a smaller amount of Seroquel at the time -- taking the XR version. When I was taking the 25 mg at the night time, I've had to take them separately: first the XR, and RIGHT BEFORE bed time, the 25 mg of regular.) Otherwise, my head would be a bit light and fuzzy. However, as soon as I would fall asleep I'd sleep like a rock 'till morning with no issues, and no other side effects/withdrawal effects. SO...just for this specific reason, my very good pdoc said she wants to keep me on 100 mg Seroquel XR for THREE MONTHS because now we're going "on a lower dosage" and she does not want me to have any problems. She said the lower you go in quantity the more difficult it is to wean the XR. The good part is that Seroquel Regular can be cut off in pieces. So I'm guessing from here on will be continuing even slower.

    Being in 100 mg XR (two pills of 50 mg XR) the next logical step within this process would be to take 75 mg = XR 50 mg + 25 mg for at least one month. While I do have some little side effects on the Regular pill I don't think she will keep me more than one month on it. But I bet she will go evens slower on weaning the 25 mg regular: maybe in two months??? Don't know. However, I will try to keep you guys updated. I'm one month and a half in 100mg XR with no problem what so ever!

    God Bless you all, and be safe out there!Is a very slow process, and patience, a good doctor, and good communication is the key on getting SAFE of these meds!!!

    I will keep you updated on my weaning process!

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  46. I personally just had to go into the doctors this morning to get more seroquel because I felt like I was going to die. I made sure to ween down, but obviously did it too fast. I was on it for 2 years, and well I guess I should have thought long and hard about how to do it. My doctor tried to say I had the flu, but I know from past experiences of missing just ONE pill I was going through withdrawal. So they told me to get back on it and come down slowly. I have been trying to figure out why the heck my heart rate has been so high and now I know. The last blood pressure test I had was this morning at my docs, and they asked what I was doing to get my BP to be so high. I looked at them and said Seriously?! I have been laying on my couch, throwing up, for the past three days... What do you mean what have I been doing... Anyway, good luck to everyone who is trying to get off of this horrible drug!

  47. I've been taking 600mg/day for anxiety, PTSD and OCD and depression for four years and I gained over 20kgs that kind of thing. I've always had insomnia, adn when I had my nervous breakdown Seroquel really did help, but I want to be off meds now and I think my life may be stable enough for me to try in earnest.
    There has been a few aborted attempts at stopoping the Seroquel both by cold-turkey and weening. I've come off Endone twice after addiction to it as pain relief, but Seroquel seems to be harder.
    Thankyou for your blog- it has given me the courage to try again whilst feeling that I am not alone! <3

  48. Hi everybody! As promised came back to give you an update on my Seroquel weaning off process. When I saw my doc last time, about two weeks ago, she has decided we will reduce again from 100 mg Seroquel XR (two pills of 50 mg XR,) to 87.5 mg of overall Seroquel divided as follows: one pill of 50 mg XR + 1 of pill of Seroquel Regular of 25 mg + 1/2 of pill of Seroquel Regular of 25 mg = 87.5 mg of Seroquel. She wants me to be under this dosage about two months (AT LEAST one month and a half until I see her.) SO FAR SO GOOD! I've been taking the quantity of Seroquel as she has prescribed for the past TEN DAYS, and (Thank God!) NO PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER: no side effects, no withdrawal effects. I can sleep wonderfully, I wake up normally, and I function completely normally during the day. When I saw her last time her single concern in regards of this reduction was about my anxiety. I have had no anxiety, so that's why she has proceeded continuing the reduction - as you can see - VERY, VERY SLOW! I will come back with input on my withdrawal when I have something outstanding to tell you. Good luck to each and every one of you! Be SAFE! God Bless!

    1. TITRITE DOWN: The first rule of withdrawing should be: Titrate, titrate, titrate! You can not titrate down too little. That is, you should go as slowly as possible, people.

      Anonimapsi, you are lucky to have such a smart doctor. I have been on Seroquel for 14 years. I have tried many times to come off, usually weaning slowly, but I have yet to succeed. I have taken as much as 400mg/day to as little as maybe 5-12mgs. You are so wise to take it as slowly as you are. There is no rush to come off this stuff; to do it successfully, give it as much time as needed. Honestly this is perhaps the most intelligent story I have seen on coming off Seroquel, and the most help I have seen from one's doctor. I cannot stress how important it is to COME OFF SLOWLY. I hope others read your posts. In the future as more and more people become addicted, they will need to see smart success stories to help them wean off. Your story can help so many people - you have no idea.

      A great resource for me over the years is this website: http://beyondmeds.com/support-in-wd/. There are lots of helpful pages there, with links to other helpful websites. I don't think she covers withdrawal from Seroquel per se, as her problem was Benzo's, but this site all I had, so I adapted her titration process to fit my needs. Once again, due to traumas I experienced a couple of years ago, it's not a good time to come off Seroquel right now (I am severely depressed), but one day I will start again and one day I will come off it completely. I think your post even deserves its own blog, seriously, to help others. Keep us informed; hopefully I and others will one day join you in success.

    2. Thank you Orange for reinforcing my positive output for the Serquel XR weaning process! Is HARD! We all know that. I've been there due to a "not so professional doctor," and I know how it is when you are in withdrawal symptoms. For me it has happened just ONCE, and it will NEVER EVER happen again!

      I think when you really want to do something in the right way, God is watching, and helps you do it.

      So far so god: I've been close to three weeks on the above mentioned dosage, and things are going very well, with no withdrawal/side effects. I will continue keeping you guys updated on my status. I will probably see my doctor in less than two weeks. I'm sure things will be OK.

      Good luck Orange with your Seroquel treatment. If you still need to be on it, don't let it go. You seems to be a very balanced person, so you are quite correct: the slower you go the better. Patience, patience, patience! I can see you've been in 400 mg. The highest I've been on was 300 mg. I was prescribed Seroquel XR for panic/anxiety only. Still did knock me off going to bed, and made my head fuzzy during the day. Needless to say that I have gained 100lbs in the process. Right now I'm struggling to loose it. Is still a very hard process, hoping when I'll be completely OFF Seroquel I'll be able to start a regimen for loosing the weight.

      That's pretty much it at this point. I'd be really happy if I can make a positive impact on other people's lives! I promise I'll keep you updated! God Bless!

    3. Orange,

      You've been a very long time on Seroquel. I'm amazed you did manage to stay on it without any side effects. For me the blood sugar went sky rocket, reason why the doctor is trying to wean me off. I'm close to the pre-diabetic state, and she knows Seroquel is a factor in raising the blood Glucose. Seroquel is pretty nasty in side effects: weight gain, blood glucose, liver functions, plus all the common ones. :-(

      I'm really blessed with a VERY GOOD doctor! God Bless her heart! I won't let her go until off completely. I know the process will not end when off Seroquel. It still take a while until the brain completely readjusts to its normal functions. If daily Prednisone treatment takes "one more year" to clear up, I can figure Seroquel will take a good amount of time to be off the system, and its lack not to influence your brain's serotonin level.

      If it will be a completely success story, I will probably make my own blog -- so people in need will be able to check it out. I completely agree is VERY HARD to find stories with positive outcomes!

  49. I am so glad I found this Blog on the Internet.
    I am on Serequel XR, prescribed by a neuropsychiatrist. He just told me to come off them.He also told me he doesnt want to see me again. So now i have been told to go cold turkey off them without any medical assistance.
    I knew this wouldnt be a good idea for me as I know when i am late taking the tablet every day as I get side affects then so what it will be like to come off it completely I cant imagine. I have read through all these posts and I can find similarities to myself. I have had to have two ECG's so far (whilst taking Serequel) for heart palpitations but noone has made a connection back to these tablets!.I had gone to the neuropsych as I now had a side effect after 18 months of taking the drug, of pains in my joints of my hands and feet. So much so I cant hold a pen for more than a minute and i cant walk on my feet first thing in a morning. He said "I'm not a pain specialist. Just come off the Serequel" thats when he told me not to come back to his clinic!
    Anyway I knew Serequel XR is slow release and the tablets cant be cut in half or anything so I am on the net looking for a new GP or specialist to halp me come off the Serequel. My mother suffers from regular mini-strokes due to genetic high blood pressure so reading that I could have a stroke too is unbelievable. Why would he put me on Serequel knowing that family history fact? I also read that Serequel causes damage to the brain cells, well that shows i should never have been put on the Serequel as I have had a serious head injury and my mood swings are due to the injury to my brain. I need all the brain cells I have left never mind killing them off. Dont you think that the doctor/specialist that puts you on the tablet should take ultimate responsibility for your health and welfare throughout the taking of the tablet and for the coming off at the end?

  50. This blog just saved my life because im on serq 400 xr n it makes me tired tired tired and I eat like a cow I was going to just stop but after this I will speak to my doctors first God bless u

  51. Thanks for this post. I started taking seroquel for 17 days, when I read this I stopped. Felt shitty for two days. Thanks to you I didn't keep doing it. And yes those sleeping pills you recommended worked like a dream.

  52. I've been coming off seroquel for two months after being on it for three years, I haven't slept in about two months and have not eaten in around three weeks, I am constantly being sick and my mood swings are horrendous , I am on a lot of other medications for bi polar as well, but I cannot function which is really hindering my university education, I have the worst pains in my stomach as well and the nausea is incredible :-( I feel miserable, went to the doctors and got anti sickness tablets and the don't even take off the edge, I have constant cold sweats and claminess. :-( rough times

  53. Hi everyone! I came back to continue my story on withdrawing from Seroquel! For all of you struggling, BE PATIENT!!! I've been four years and a half on Seroquel whereas I probably should have been just maximum a month after a tough period of time, and now I'm getting off ONLY very slowly. As you can see from my previous posts, I have already started weaning off from 200 mg Seroquel XR NINE MONTHS AGO!!! ... and still working on it. BUT THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT! So far NO withdrawal symptoms what so ever.

    So to cut to the chase, last month my doctor reduced for one month from: one pill of 50 mg XR + 1 of pill of Seroquel Regular of 25 mg + 1/2 of pill of Seroquel Regular of 25 mg = 87.5 mg of Seroquel TO one pill of 50 mg XR + + 1 of pill of Seroquel Regular of 25 mg = 75 mg of Seroquel, and EVERYTHING went VERY WELL!!! Again NO WITHDRAWAL WHAT SO EVER! I have already lost 20 lbs (whereas in four years on Seroquel I have put on 100lbs), my mind is clearer, I have my energy back, still sleep my normal 8h+ every day.

    I've seen my doctor last week, and she has reduced MORE. I'm now in 67.5 overall Seroquel divided as follows = 50 mg Seroquel XR + 12.5 mg Seroquel Regular. She wants me to stay TWO MONTHS on this dosage, but to see me in one month. Is working fine so far. No problems. Therefore, I'm guessing will be in the same path.

    That's pretty much at this point! All of you be SAFE out there, and don't try to rush it!
    God Bless!

  54. Hi guys

    Been checking out this blog for a while as I've been considering stopping taking my Quetiapine (Regular Serequel) for the usual reasons mainly weight gain & zombification.

    I've been on 25mg morning and afternoon and 100mg at night for just over 2 years I also take along with 45mg of Mirtazipine (still taking this) all prescirbed for anxiety, panic attacks & insomnia.

    I decided to take the plunge at the start of this week and am now on day 4 of cold Turkey.

    1st Day never noticed any difference but 1st night found it difficult to fall asleep and kept waking up what felt like ever 10 minutes

    2nd day felt great happy full of energy and highly motivated 2nd night again found it hard to sleep and like someone else mentioned constantly thirsty and needing to pee and had some funny dreams.

    3rd day yesterday my birthday again felt good all day and was starting to think this was going to be easy. Last night got to sleep easier but before I dropped off was getting twitching/flinching feelings in my legs/stomach/chest/head but these sensations seemed to pass as quickly as they came on but man was having extremely lucid strange dreams about all sorts of crazy shit damn it felt so real, not nice not nice at all I really don't want to revisit that tonight!!!

    4th day today I feel a bit weird not necessarily bad just a odd, a little bit displaced maybe and really feel like caving and just taking a 25 or 50mg just to mellow me out a bit but tat the same time I really don't want to be taking it anymore so here I am back opn this blog reading through some more of your experiences and adding my own.

    Feel like I could just go on typing forever but I'll draw a line under it and if I feel like it keep you posted on how I'm getting on.

    Thanks for the blog and good luck to everyone trying to get off this crap in their own ways.


  55. 4th night no sleep at all, 5th day continuously sweating even at rest but other than that I feel ok and still haven't taken any Serequel hope I sleep tonight I'm pretty exhausted.

  56. 5th Night slept like a baby

    6th day feel great, more energy than I have had for a long time, hopefully that's the withdrawls over with, so glad to be off this shit!

  57. Been off it for 8 days now and experiencing no problems what-so-ever, no more bad dreams, sleepless nights, I feel stronger and fitter in my gym sessions and have already lost 5 pounds of the 20 I gained whilst on serequel.

  58. i just ran out of my seroquel 150mg. last night (my first night not taking it) i couldnt sleep a single second, sweating, then freezing, naucious, cant eat, shaking. i feel this bad only after 24 hours of not taking seroquel. this isnt going to end well if i dont get my refill.. i dont have insurance, i cant go back to the doctor to ween me off. terrified at the moment. this is terrible.

  59. Another update on my slow weaning process from Seroquel. I'mm going on the TENTH month of reduction from 200 mg Seroquel XR now to 50 Seroquel XR. The doctor removed another 12.5 Seroquel Regular five days ago while I have NO WITHDRAWAL symptoms what so ever! Who's interested in how I got here can see above my process. I've been now five days on Seroquel XR 50 mg with no problems, and I'm guessing it will be OK the entire month. At the beginning of June I will go down more, replacing the 50 mg Seroquel XR with 37.5 mg Seroquel Regular for another month. We're planning in four months from now to be completely off -- with a monthly reduction of 12.5 mg Seroquel Regular. I will come back with an update after a while. God Bless you all! Stay SAFE!

  60. Been on seroquel since 2000. 100 mg before bedtime for severe insomnia and a tinge of bipolar. The bad - My long term memory is horrible. Lately I have noticed low energy, lack of motivation and a very flat emotional state. It also seems to cause nasal and sinus congestion.
    I have lowered my dose from 100 to 50. Could not sleep for the first few nights. Felt like adrenalin shots were being fired into my body and brain. Last few night I have take some propranolol 20 mg. This has helped a great deal. I don't know if I will stop taking it completely but the aim is to get to 25mg per night and see how that affects mood and energy.

  61. I've been off seroquel xr for a couple of months now. Was on it for a good year. Started at 50mg and went up to 200mg. Was tired all the time. No one would listen to me. They told me the sleepyness would go away. It did for a lil than they upped the does. Ill be honest it helped with the ocd, the bipoler, me sleep, and it helped me have clearer train of thoughts. Ever since I've been off I feel like my hearts been skipping beats, my anger is off the charts, all I want to do is isolate myself at the same time I'm lonely and want to be around someone, my anxiaty (something that wasn't too bad before I got on this drug) comes on with a wink of an eye, I turn red and flushed in seconds for resons that wouldn't normally trigger that. I get migrains, I clamp my jaw and don't notice till it hurts, I daze off and get lost, I have symptoms I've never had and the ones I had are magnified to the point of unberable. My rooms a disaster, I'm late for work, hard to remember things, unorganized, snapy, scared, and paronoid. I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm loosing everything and I don't want to go thru this again if I were to choose another drug. I don't trust doc considering the expierences I've had. Any sugestions?

    1. First and foremost: I declare I am not a professional. Below is just my personal perspective -- based on my experience I have during the process of weaning off Seroquel TOGETHER with my psychiatric doctor. You should consult with your doctor for your case!

      Andy, in my view, you did a WRONG thing to go cold turkey from Seroquel 200 mg. If you follow my posts, I've been on Seroquel XR 200 for two years, and I've been weaning off since last August (11 MONTHS!!). THAT is the way to get off this medication, and ONLY under doctor's supervision. My process is not recommended for everybody. That is the way I was feeling comfortable for reducing it without any withdrawal effects. My doctor has mentioned I am a strong person, while usually it takes even LONGER to get off this medication.After 11 months of weaning I'm now down to 25 mg Sero Regular, which the doctor by default wants me to stay on for another two months. Further we'll cut in a half, for probably two months with 12.5 mg. It has to be a VERY, VERY SLOW weaning process!!! Depend on each individual as well. The doctor will decide if s/he should cut more or you have to stay a longer period on a specific amount of medication until your brain will get to produce enough serotonin to its normal function. The brain functions cannot be regained if you go cold turkey. That is the reason you have all these symptoms! Good luck with finding a good doctor that would work with you on the process! God Bless

  62. It's been so encouraging to read all of these blogs. The symptoms I am experiencing after taking seroquel for 9 years then coming off have been irregular sleep patterns, exhausted during the day and unable to sleep at night and relentless itching. The itching is the worst. I'm not sure how I haven't scratched all of my skin off. My scalp is particularly itchy. I have faith that all this will pass. Good luck to everyone else on this journey.

  63. Hi everybody! I'm back for an update on my Seroquel weaning process. Is more than fantastic. On May 7th the doctor has reduced my dosage to 50 mg XR, on May 23 we replaced Seroquel 50 mg XR with Seroquel Regular 37.5 mg (1 pill Sero Reg 25 mg + 1/2 pill Sero Reg 25 mg,) and yesterday we have reduced Seroquel Regular from 37.5 to 25 mg. I will be on 25 mg for a month from now on. All I can say is that continue NOT HAVING ANY withdrawing effects (!!) I have more energy, I got back my normal emotional state (used to be very flat,) I can walk one hour and started loosing weight. Is incredible good! I will come back when have more news. Stay SAFE! God Bless!

  64. I have been on Seroquel 300mg. for over 10 yrs. and sporting way too much weight. I'm on other meds as well. I'm bipolar, ptsd, used to have extreme rage, and so much more. I have taken everything under the sun and had 7 electric shock therapy's. I recently had major food pain and wasn't able to take meds. keep anything down. I hate Seroquel because of the weight gain and other reasons, but take it and the others like a good girl. I've worked very hard in my 14 yr. journey of mental health issues. And I'm not the type to quit meds ever....BUT, I'm on al the others meds...BUT Seroquel. And I feel great. I feel clear, awake, not eating like I was, sleeping fine, and I'm not constipated. And when I feel my doctors in 2 weeks I will continue. I did stop one other drug in my time....zanax I was on 5 a day....I was a zombie robot! I did too take those just ike they said. Then decided this is my body...my life. Funny the doctors supported that. I backed off, then more, now I only take them as needed! That means almost never! PEOPE remember it's YOUR body...you have a say so. Rather with doctors help, but it can be on your own. In the beginning I had a doctor giving me meds after meds, after meds! I did as he said, he's a doctor he knows...RIGHT. In the end when I went to the inpatient hosp./mental I had toxic levels of drugs in me and could of died!!! He is disbarred cannot be a doctor again. Thank God!

  65. My gf has been taking seroquel for a year or so and recently stopped, mostly cold turkey. Neither of us had any idea it would be such an extreme withdrawl and now she is getting all the symptoms everyone has described above in detail. We are kinda scared, because she is getting left side pain and the vision issues and eye pain other people have said. After reading all these posts she is going to start taking 25mg pills she still has... but I am still worried for her. She was on 100 and 200 mg initially with 25mg to take off and on. We are hoping for the best but I'm really scared for her now after reading about the possible heart attacks or strokes. We really don't want to go to the hospital but it's terrifying to think of the possibilities. She has been off it for about 10 days now except for one pill she took on maybe day 4 or 5.

  66. Hi everyone! My Seroquel weaning process is going very well! Since last time I've been here I have reduced twice the quantity of Seroquel Regular (Yes! only Regular ... no XR anymore with no problems at all!). The first reduction wa on June 28 when I went to 3/4 of Seroquel Regular 25 mg = 18.75 mg, and reduced more on July 3 to 1/2 of the pill of Seroquel Regular 25 mg = 12.5 mg, which I will be on until the end of July, 2013 when I see again my doctor. Afterwards, will continue one month more on 1/4 pill of Seroquel Regular = 6.25 mg for one month, and down to ZERO afterwards -- planned at the beginning of Septemeber, 2013!!!

    So far NO problems: fatigue is gone, sleep very well about 8 to 9 hours a day, getting back all my brain activity, sharper thinking, more agility and energy, vitality, energy, etc. I'm seeing myself BACK! I HAVE NOT experienced ANY weaning side effects during this - so far 11 months - process. Overall the entire weaning off Seroquel XR from 200 mg to zero will be taking me exactly 13 months. Very well worth the patience! God Bless my good doctor! I will come back when down to zero to give you further input. God Bless you all!

  67. Forgot to mention starting August 2013 -- when practically I should be completely off Seroquel, I am planing to take the first week a 1/4 of Seroquel Reg 25 mg = 6.25 mg every other day, next week every two days, third week every third day, and the fourth week, only two pills, to zero complete afterwards. I have done the very same thing when I had to get off Prednisone long term treatment (one year,) for arthritis, and it has worked wonderfully. God Bless!

  68. Hello, I was put on Seroquel XR about 3 weeks ago. I stepped up gradually from 50, 100, 150 then 300 mg. Every single night that I take one, I get a panic attack that lasts anywhere from a handful of minutes to several hours. Two nights ago, I thought I was dying because even though I was breathing normally, my mind keep telling me that I wasn't inhaling or exhaling at all. My face felt numbish in random areas and my heart felt like it was skipping beats. I hate this stuff, but I do have to admit, it is lessening my mood swings. However, for the first two days after each step up, I felt extremely edgy and angry! I jump at pretty much any noise and I cry in TV shows. I wonder if that is something to worry about. My psychiatrist doesn't seem to be worried. She says it will all pass once my body became accustomed to the drug. I wish I was normal.

  69. That is crazy, I am glad you survived, but you should have done it gradually, and you would be fine. There isnt normally any problem quitting medication, but do it GRADUALLY. There is never any benefit to going cold turkey. I went down from 800 to 300 in a month without sideffects, then to 100g in a week, small sleep problems, I guess I am done in a week or so.

    1. Guess you are done in a week or so? I hope you survived! Takes years to get off these poisons www.survivingantidperessants.org

    2. And getting of other SSRIs etc? You could quit today, feel fine for 12 months, then yes, then you do the dive. Takes that long for the crash to show up. Taper all of them, over years, not months.

  70. Wow, I am amazed to find this site. Many of you could be telling my own story? I have been on Seroquel 600mg per day for 8 years and I began to have severe weakness, servere bluriness, worsening depression(I mean real bad, worse that it was 8 years ago when I started this stuff), tremors, unstable arms/legs and servere confusion, severe migraines and tightness in my heart.. Talked to my doctor for the last year and she did nothing. Recently I had to take a leave of absence from my job which I have had for 11 years. No doctor will listen to me or seems to care about what is happening to me. Went to the ER because I thought I was going to collapse and that maybe I was having a heart attack but they sent me away. Still can't work because I am exhausted and can't think clearly and I cry constantly. Finally my psych dr took my off of it and now I am really freaking out. I have the same symptoms as many of you, can't eat, can't sleep, losing weight reapidly, I am clumsy, scared, still crying all the time, severe migraine that never goes away, stomach cramps like I need to go to the bathroom but nothing in my system? Constant crazy dreams, can hardly stand to be around people because I am so aggitated. the ER sent me to a cardiogist so I am having some testing done for rapid heart beat but I feel there is something physically wrong with me. My doctor after 10 years seems to not care anymore so I am going to a new one but it will take 2 weeks to see her. My meds are all messed up and no one to help. How could these people put me on such serious drugs and just leave me like this? I can't stand seroquel anymore, too much confusion and bluriness that I just a car wreck. I have been trying to tell these doctors and family I shouldn't be driving. I feel suicidal but I don't want to die I just want to feel better. Why have I been ok for so many years and then have my life fall apart so quickly? I too have chronic kidney failure due to long term use of Lithium. Of course my psych dr doesn't agree with my nephrologist. I believe the kidney specialist and not her now that she has left me in this terrible state. She told me to stop the seroquel but didn't tell me what it was going to to to me. I am as scared as many of you. I am hot then cold, sweaty, back hurts, starving but so nausiated I can't eat. If I don't sleep soon I am going to go crazy. I have been to several doctors and 2 family doctors told me to go to the hospital which is what I just did? And they don't know what is wrong with me. Many of these symptoms started before stopping this drug and now things are even worse. These psych drugs are dangerous. I told my psych on the phone the other day that these drugs are not working anymore and that I am getting worse. I told her drugs are not an exact science and that humans chemistries change all the time. She agreed but didn't know what to do to help me. Then she prescribed another drug and when I went to get it the pharmacist wouldn't give it to me because it causes heart issues when taken with seroquel. Does anyone know what they are doing anymore? Or do they care? I told her after 10 years i was going to find another doctor and she said ok I will refill any prescription you want me to. The only other medication I am taking for Bi Polar is Lamictal and that is not enough to keep me sane....obviously. Withdrawel from seroquel is killing me and I am apalled that doctors leave people like us in this type of condition. Sometime I want to die because I can't stand this torment. But I keep trying to find help and that is how I found this site. You have all made me feel better because I don't feel so crazy. Sorry if I rambled and if my typing is not good. I am shaky and still confused. I pray I can get some sleep soon or my job won't be there and I will be on the street. If I am repeating myself please understand my confusion and unstable physical and mental state. Thank you all for being so honest and I will pray for us all.

  71. I've been on Seroquel XR 400 mg for several years...1st taking just Seroquel first. My doctor just took me off this drug ten days ago cold turkey because I've gained 40 pounds on it. I'm also taking Topamax for bi-polar, trazadone for sleep,and Ativan for anxiety. The withdrawal symptoms I've experienced is complete muscle and joint aching all over my body, stomach aches and diarrhea. I haven't had any of the previous problems people are referring to...except maybe feeling a bit down and emotional. And I'm NOT losing weight as I had hoped for which I don't understand.

  72. Hi all, After last dosage of seroquel- First 2 days I felt more alert, even blurriness, depression and anxiety started to subside. But 3rd day , no sleep and bad stomach cramps, GI system all messed up. Terrible nausea and couldn't work. Had to go back on 150 mg at night. Next day after one dosage-not having as bad as a GI problem, no major bowel issues, cramps subsided, slept all night (after 2 days with no sleep). Appetite coming back since nausea is stopping. New Psych admitted withdrawals can be bad with Seroquel. After one dose I can tell my body is dependent on this drug. I can't cold turkey after all these years on 600mg per day. I know I need to go slower so no problem with that as long as I can live without it eventually. I can tell it also affected my dopamine level which is the feel good part of us- just like someone else said on this blog. Dr says I was on too high of a dosage on seroquel and the lamictal I take 600mg per day she also said was too high. I have been taking 15 pills a day for years and my body as taken a toll from all these meds. She also stopped the Topamax but it doesn't seem to be bothering me. Just the Seroquel. I know some people can tolerate Seroquel ok but not me. After years of use it only made my depression worse- dince dopamine too low. So good luck to everyone trying to get off this drug. PS. I also found out this drug was only approved in 1997 by the FDA and my doctor put me on it 5 years later. I feel like a guinea pig. If it works for you that is great but as for the rest of us we need all the help we can get. Of course, I don't know who will help me with the side affects since most of my doctors won't listen to me. Also, I found that there are 10,000 law suits against the manufacturer for false advertising. Some people have suffered eye cornea damage and unecessary surgies, I heard this drug is coming the new Sominex. Doctors are prescribing it for sleep now. Anyway, I guess I am talking too much so I wish the best for those who are suffering in silence. XXOO

  73. this medication is a nightmare I don't know how to quit it, I feel after 2 months on it more depressed, I'm eating like a monster, I want to quit this drug, it has a lot of side effect worse than my depression or anxiety.
    I suppose to take one tablet 300 mg, but i'm taking half tablet.
    I don't know what to do with this medication, I feel it's killing me from inside, I don'w want to wake up or contact with people, I sleep more than 16 hours, I don't know what kind of drug has all this side effect.

  74. I was put on Seroquel 400mg XR in September of 2010, as I was inpatient on a psychiatric ward for Depression (severe) and Anorexia Nervosa. I have had chronic Anorexia Nervosa for over 20 years and have been hospitalised countless time, quite a few involuntarily, and so many have involved nasogastric tube feedings and 1:1 sitters. Anyhow, during this particular stay, the psychiatrist there put me on Seroquel, because a) I had a delusional denial of my thinness, because in my mind, I wasn't thin at all (yet) even though my BMI was 14.2, and b) my "new" diagnosis of Bipolar II and alleged periods of hypomania. The b) was because about month and a half prior (to the admission) my insomnia was so bad that there was one week that I didn't sleep for nearly 3 nights in a row. I mentioned that to him when I was asked about my sleeping patterns, because I often had difficulties with sleep merely due to the fact I was severely restricting my intake every day. So purely based on those 3 insomniac nights, he said I had experienced a hypomanic episode and that I suffered with Bipolar II alongside Anorexia Nervosa. I still disagree with his diagnosis, because I definitely was not manic as my functioning decreased rather than increased, my mood was not elevated in any sense of the word during those three days, nor did I experience any of the supposed behaviours that come with an episode(s) of hypomania. All I longed for was respite from the severe insomnia and some sleep, which I did eventually get from a temporarily increased dose of Trazadone, and I have never ever had a manic episode in my life (I would like to assume that I’d know if I had one).

  75. Anyhow ignoring the whole diagnostic crap from this psychiatrist that saw me for 5 minutes a day, if even that long, I left the hospital still wearing my girl’s size 12 denim jeans from Old Navy. Yes, I'm fully aware that a grown woman should not be wearing children’s clothing at all and it is abnormal. However, I was always hard pressed to find casual clothing that fitted when really emaciated. I returned home to my usual "healthy" regime; i.e. starvation, but my weight started to steadily increase, increase, and increase despite my minimal intake. I swear to God that the only thing that changed for me in September of 2010 is that I was put on Seroquel. I was initially taking 400 mgs of the standard version and was switched to the 400 mgs XR (extended version) a few months later by my out-patient psychiatrist and both significantly negatively impacted my weight. I have GAINED OVER 50-lbs since commencing this medication and NOT because I have been overindulging on a continuous basis or often times exceeding my daily calorie intake with quality and/or inferior quality food items. I eat extremely healthily, and I have tried to stop the weight gain and/or lose weight many times since taking Seroquel to no avail. The only reason I’ve stopped gaining any further weight is because I eat on average 500 or less calories per day.

    I am, and always will be, utterly convinced that Seroquel (both versions) has screwed with my metabolism and overall body chemistry and composition. It is so unbelievably frustrating (understatement) that my psychiatrist doesn't agree with this weight gain connection, but I cannot attribute it to anything else. He has now put me on Adderall 60mgs which he says will help as it reduces people’s appetite. My appetite is NOT the problem, because as I also mentioned earlier, I rarely eat. I don't actually have an appetite and I have told him this innumerable times. It is preposterous that I eat LESS calories now than I did at some of my lowest, extremely life threatening weights. Whilst I won’t deny I’ve probably screwed up my metabolism for life due to severely restricting my diet, the weight gain is incongruent with my caloric intake. I cannot shift this weight for the life of me.

  76. I see my outpatient psychiatrist monthly, and occasionally email between sessions, and I have been begging, pleading, crying for him to take me off this since May of 2012 and all pleas have fallen on deaf ears. I continuously express my extreme dissatisfaction with the Seroquel to no avail. In my last session he said he refused to discuss this with me ever again and he is also the head researcher at this major hospital and done countless studies on a variety of psychoactive drugs and their efficacies in clinical trial participants. He also told me that it is all in my head, I’m consuming far more calories than I say (he hasn’t outright said I’m lying), I just need to increase my exercise further even though I worked with a personal trainer 3 times per week, and I’m going on secret binges at night (I also take Ambien and it is renowned for causing amnesic periods for many users before retiring to bed). My husband can attest that none of the above has occurred, and given I have been a walking calorie counter for over 20 years and I know my calories inside and out. I actually find it quite insulting when he says things like the above and/or variations of that, which he has done, especially in the past few months. He told me to needed to keep a more accurate food diary for a month, which I did down to gram (I weigh my food and measure it daily). He reviewed it but only said, “Thanks for sending it through. I looked at it”, so I tried to bring it up at my most recent session and once again he said nearly all of the above. I told him in tears that my husband is willing to confirm my assertions, so he said fine (I signed a consent form), but he then had the audacity to say that my husband isn’t with me 24/7, so he doesn’t see the additional calories I consume daily. If all of the above hasn’t frustrated and infuriated me, this was the icing on the cake (no pun intended) and I was most upset afterwards.

    He really and truly unequivocally disbelieves me about all of the negative side effects. What I’ve found most interesting on here is that several bloggers have talked about the lethargy, chronic fatigue the lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, hypersomnia, and such, which is ALL that I’ve experienced ever since I commencing the Seroquel. I’ve been unable to shake any of it, nor the fog I feel constantly despite having been put on some stimulants these last 7 months to supposedly help reduce all of the above in order to have me functioning on at least 4-cylinders instead of 2-cylinders, oftentimes even 1- cylinder.

    If you’ve managed to get through my verbose novel, I applaud you, and also thank you ever so much for taking the time to read it in its entirety. Has anyone else had a significant weight gain on Seroquel (any dosage) without an increased appetite and overeating? I know some people have experienced the latter, but I have always been weight neutral on all prior psychoactive medications of any kind, though I’m sure a major factor as to why I haven’t is due to how severely I restrict my intake.

    Also, the reason I found this site today is because I have stopped my Seroquel and I've done so cold turkey and, yes, I'm experiencing many of the withdrawal effects that so many of you have mentioned. I know I'll sound daft here, but I hadn't actually attributed the symptoms to Seroquel withdrawal. In all honest, I thought I'd just got an intestinal bug, so I really feel at a loss what to do. It only occurred to me that it might be due to ceasing it so abruptly when I got up to go to the toilet AGAIN due to diarrhoea and constantly wanting to vomit, and cannot sleep for the second night in a row. I desperately want to come off this medication and am realising I'll need to titrate off slowly and with medical supervision, but how can I do that if my own psychiatrist is unequivocally refusing to at least try an alternative medication or even see how I go without an additional medication?


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  78. My name is Shirley, I have just come off my 300 mg xr of Seroquel. This is actually day 3, with 2 days of no sleep. I just lay in bed with a migrane praying that I will fall asleep with no luck. I have been on this medication since 2010 when my Mom passed away. I had a very difficult time accepting her death. I have gained 100 pounds + since then and finally came to the conclusion that I am getting more depressed and beginning to hate myself. I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror. I don't want to see anyone. I don't go anywhere, I just am unable to function. I have been separated since 2010 as well. My husband to this day begs me to come home even with me looking as horribly disgusting as possible. I have even told him on numerous occasion to move on he needs to have a life and he still insist on wanting me to come home. Needless to say I couldn't or wouldn't even be able to handle him touching me at all when I can't even stand myself. So now I have asked my doctor to come off the Seroquel and they stated that It is not in my best interest to do so. The earliest they can see me is in January. Don't care I'm still going to not take it. I'm so sick right now all I've been doing is crying nonstop. Crazy, I know that it is obviously going to be worse reading all this information on here from all you folks. We are all suffering and it seems hopeless. I don't want this medicine in my body anymore, It is killing me. I pray that God will help me get through this, if he decides otherwise so be it. I can't continue to just hate myself, life should not be like that. I wish the best to everyone else out there who are struggling like me to come off of the medicine. xoxo

    1. Go back to your husband, and do it together.

  79. Hi, I found this blog on night 2 of being without seraquel 200 xr. I have been unable to take it for the past 4 days due to an administrative error on the script. There was no way I was going to pay $190 for a box when the govt is paying my medical bills and should have provided assistance instead of red tape in this circumstance. Anyway, I was suffering the jittery movements, shaking hands, cold sweats, and I felt like I had an itch inside my body and head that clearly there was no way to scratch without self surgery. I decided to take a 2mg circadin as a potential sleep substitute, but there was no effect. I proceeded to drink half a bottle of scotch in the hope that it would cause the circadin to be ingested entirely instead of slow release. Again, no effect, even from the alcohol. By this time it was 3am and I was getting desperate. I took 3 panadine forte and felt nothing. I tried to calm down and think rationally. What was going to stop the abdominal seizures? Or the shaking hands? Then I remembered that I had some expired diazepam. I found it and took 10mg. The next thing I remembered was waking up at about midday and feeling the most well rested I had in a long time. I still suffered from major anxiety and depression, and the negative thoughts were in abundance, but at least I'd had some sleep.
    The third night was completely sober and only on my standard anti depressants. I barely slept again and had some of the weirdest dreams ever. My psychiatrist has finally rewritten the script, but I have made it this far. I wonder if I should start on it again or keep going without?


    This is probably one of my best Christmas gift ever. I did it. It took me one year and four months to get safely out of Seroquel XR 200 mg, but the wait, and patience was so worth it. Who wants to see how I’ve started in August 2012, read my previous posts. I just add the rest of the story here…

    Within My previous post on July 8, 2013, I was hoping by the beginning of September I will b off Seroquel completely. You would get to such a small quantity, you would think is nothing, so it will be water under the bridge just stopping it. Well, that was not the case, and I have preferred to be a bit more patient, and continue the quest until I will succeed. It did pay off!

    I will continue with where I let it off on July 8, 2013 (above.) At that time, I have continued as I said., by taking 18.75 mg of Seroquel Regular. The problem was that, I was anxious to get off the medication, so I have reduced from ¾ of Seroquel Regular of 25 mg (i.e. 18.75 mg) on June 28 to half of the pill, i.e. 12.5 mg earlier that planned – to be more précised only FIVE days after the reduction on June 28. Through this abrupt reduction, I have noticed some anxiety running around, but no other symptoms. While I wanted to get off this medication with NO withdrawal effects, I patiently I went back to 18.75 mg where I stayed on until August. 8, 2013 withdrawal symptoms free.
    Knowing this method works, and constantly being guided by my doctor, I have continued in the same path. The difference is, that I have not stopped cutting off the Seroquel pill. I’ve got myself a pill cutter, an X-Acto knife, and most importantly, a pills scale (i.e. American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G >> can be found on Amazon just for 22 bucks,) and patiently continuing cutting the pill until I got to 1.65 mg!!! Each quantity of Seroquel Regular I kept taking it for one month to three weeks (full reduction schedule below.) I would continue reducing Seroquel each time after I would see my doctor. Here there are the dates I have continued reducing Seroquel Regular, and the amounts taken:
    - August 8, 2013, reduced to 12.5 mg;
    - August 29, 2013 reduced to 6.25 mg;
    - September 5, 2013 reduced to 5 mg;
    - October 16, 2013 reduced to 3.33 mg;
    - November 6, reduced to 1.65 >>> taken up to November 19, 2013.
    - November 20, 2013 up to current = SEROQUEL FREE, with NO WITHDRAWALS EFFECTS!
    I am positive from now on everything will be just fine. I do not have any schizopfrenia or bipolar disorders. This medication it’s been given to me just after a stressful period of time in 2008, and it supposed to be given just for a very short period of time. However, due to a not so carrying doctor as the one I have now (God Bless her heart!) I kept piling up dosage due to improper weaning recommendations. After three years of struggling with this medication, and knowing I should not be on it, I have decided to get a second opinion, and have changed doctors. Best decision of my life! Just after half year in the treatment, after she has gotten acquainted with me, we have decided to begin the process of weaning Seroquel. It was a learning process for both of us, but through my personal determination to get off safely, patinence, and her careful guidance when doubts would cloud my mind…. I’VE MADE IT!
    “Where there's a will, there's a way.”
    I hope my safe weaning off story can inspire others!
    Happy Holidays and God Bless!

    1. Wow anonimapsi!!! You did it the right way. I am very proud of you!!!!

  81. Okay, I'm going for it. Thanks to everyone who has posted here. I've been on this stuff for 5 years. Time to get clean. Wow. This blows my mind. Wow.

  82. So surprised to find this blog. Have been on seroquil xr 300 mg for some years. Less than 30 days ago was upped to 400 mg due to having spent the previous 10 weeks as the daughter and PGA for my 97 year old mother in her dying process. 5 days ago I started becoming so dizzy i thought i would fall. Yesterday decided to really look at the side effects of this drug. What took me so long to do this? I've been the sole caregiver for my mother who though in assisted living, was mostly blind. She depended on me being there for her needs. She died Dec. 18th. After over 7 years of our lives being so intertwined, now what? In any case, looking at the list of side effects of Seroquil XR , I have so many of them. And now I can not even get up without the room spinning. I will not stop cold turkey thanks to you good folks who have shared your experiences. But my next scheduled psychiatrist appointment is next week. My husband, who started his own research on this drug yesterday, will be seeing my doctor with me, insisting on a regimen toward the goal of complete stopping. I AM scared. But this has to happen. Shall I keep posting here?
    Also, to the gal who wrote that she felt so badly about her weight gain that she would not return to her husband even though he begged her ; He loves YOU, dear soul. I understand how you feel because I don't understand why my husband keeps me around with all that he has been through with my bi - polar all these years. But he loves me more than I love myself, even though I question daily. Thank you for being here, all of you. Sincerely...

  83. Of course I meant POA for my mother, not PGA.

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  85. Hi all! I am just checking in with you just to let everybody know that in one week from now I will be FOUR MONTHS Seroquel free, and I am feeling WONDERFUL! The doctor has told me that most of the time the brain will completely recover (for the dosage, and the time I have been on,) around three months after completely stopping Seroquel. She has expressed this while I have raised the concern of still having problems loosing weight. Well, now with proper diet, I loose about three to four pounds per month. It just needs determination to stick with the program. No other side effects. I'm feeling GREAT! It's all me back that I was five years ago when I was [unfortunately] put on this terrible medication. Good luck to all of you with everything you are planning to do! God Bless!

    1. thank you anonimapsi for your success story it really gave me strength and hope !I hope to fully regain my life back too!Congratulations!

  86. Thank you ever so much for continually coming back and providing us with updates! This is so unbelievably helpful, inspiring, and encouraging. I'm still ever so slowly reducing mine, but fingers crossed, I'll be where you are now one day soon!

  87. I started taking Seroquel XR 400 almost 3 years ago even though gradually I started feeling better I asked my psychiatrist to reduce my dosage because I was concerned about the long term serious side effects. She refused to do so and after a while I was determined to stop it altogether but read stories like these posted here that it is hard and dangerous.So one day last year in July my mom went to the pharmacy and wanted to take the drugs but they did not have Seroquel XR 400 and they gave her Seroquel 300 mg and I took it for 2 months and I did not feel any difference then went to my psycchiatrist again and told her about the incident and asked her to gradually reduce the medicine and luckily she finally accepted and I took Seroquel XR 150 mg for ab 8 months now and I felt the difference I felt much better not so sleepy/drowsy/tired and more energic with no withdrawl symptoms or side effects, this Thursday I went to see her again and asked her to reduce it to 50 mg I will start this dosage next Saturday I hope it will be ok!the fact is that my psychiatrist did not care about me at all she does not even know her patients well and if it had not been for my own initiative I would be still on Seroquel 400 mg for the rest of my life as far as she is concerned and she would not have taken me off it ever! And the dosage I reduced I asked for my self and she finally agreed she did not guide me though anything she just prescribed what I asked her to.And the reason she put me on this drug was a single acute psychotic episode that I suffered due to a bad break-up!I read that I should not have stayed more than maximum 6 months on it for what I had!Wish me luck and thank you anonimapsi for your success story it really gave me strength and hope !I hope to fully regain my life back too!Congratulations!

    1. hi Juliana,
      i was wondering how you are doing. i'm too lowering Seroquel from 400mg and I'm now to 50 mg xr. Hope you found success with your titration. Would you mind sharing your experience so far? It is so hard to find success stories out there :(

  88. When I spoke to my Psychiatrist about getting off Seroquil, following steps posted here, he told me that there are no side effects when stopping cold turkey. I know...Easy for him to say. I know when I stopped Cymbalta I just stopped. My regular doc said nothing about weaning off. It was terrible for days! I had no idea what was happening! Recently I had been on a pain med for 35 days and became very physically if from it. I stopped taking it and went through serious withdrawal for 3 days. Thought I was loosing my mind. Why shoold I trust that there would be no reaction to cold turkeying Seroquil? Then again, i survived Cymbalta and opiate withdrawal ! Any thoughts?

  89. BLiSs it was the horrific withdrawal effects when trying to stop taking my Seroquel dosage that I found this blog via many google searching. I've been on several other medications in the past, including SSRIs, some of which I've stopped cold turkey, and they seem like a walk in the park compared to the withdrawal. Your psychiatrist clearly needs to educate themselves on the impact of ceasing Seroquel withdrawal because it can have LIFE-THREATENING consequences if done too rapidly. There are countless, countless sites out there that have this information, so your psychiatrist's viewpoint is rather disconcerting. I actually just had my dosage lowered again by 25mgs and am experiencing many of the unpleasant withdrawal effects with this 25mg decrease. I encourage you to do it slowly and to also perhaps consider finding a more knowledgeable psychiatrist that can help you do this slowly and safely.

    1. Raphaella, thank you for all you wrote. I just can't understand why my psychiatrist doesn't know this! Anyhow, will see him in a couple weeks.
      As quickly as I decide to take the first step to stopping seroquel I get scared. And today I saw some interview clips with Sinead O'Conner. Several years ago she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. She was put on meds and felt as though "the big hole in her heart was filled in"...but in a later interview she said she got 3 "independent doctors" who declared she was never bipolar. She was so tired of being treated poorly due to mental illness.
      I feel that way also.... so isolated.

  90. I have been taking Seroquel 200mg for about 2 years - I am not bipolar, it was given to me as a sleep med during a hospitalisation for unipolar depression. I came off all of my other meds about a year and a half a go and have been making great progress since. The only reason my psych could give me that I was still on the Seroquel was that it is really hard to come off of - and that just didn't feel like enough of a reason for me, plus I wanted to see who I was without meds after all these years (especially since none of them have worked). I tried a couple of times to reduce the dose gradually but had such bad withdrawal that I went back up each time. Then after I accidentally missed a dose 17 days ago I decided to just try cold-turkey and see if I could handle it. The withdrawal has been bad at times: nauseous, sweaty, headaches etc. But not so bad that I haven't been able to carry on with my life for the most part. I mean I'm not at the top of my game, but I'm getting my kids to school, eating, sitting at my desk and having trouble focusing, not crying ALL the time etc. But I'm worried because there have been times that I feel I'm turning a corner and it's getting better and then the next day will be WORSE. It doesn't feel like it's shifting. I wake up feeling okay and then from about 11 am onwards it's kind of downhill. I have been taking .5mg klonopin and 50mg benadryl for sleep and that has been working. But I thought after 17 days I'd be feeling better. I don't know what to do. Is this going to shift? Should I go back on it? I really don't want to - since I know I'll have to come off it again. Will this shift if I just ride it out? Has something gone permanently wrong with me?

  91. It is so hard to know what to do ! If I were in your shoes I would go immediately to my doctor! I would RUN to my doctor for answers to questions such as those you have about your circumstance. This is just what I would do.

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    My prescription is for 2 x 200mg daily but anything less than 1200mg and I can't sleep. I've basically been taking a triple dose as I found a dodgy pharmacist who asks no questions and promises to "look after" me.

    I'm two nights into going cold turkey and haven't slept a wink. Twice before I've lasted four nights without sleep but then had to take the usual dose out of utter desperation for sleep. I've got the flu symptoms starting to kick-in and chills from fatigue but I'm going to stop it for good.

    I've packed on the pounds, I constantly bump into doors, walls and people and my memory is blitzed. My eyesight feels strained, my hair is falling out rapidly and my skin is developing discolouration and evermore lacerations that simply won't heal. This stuff is a nightmare.

    I've read posts here and elsewhere that urge tapered reduction but I've had enough. Going cold turkey may even kill me but I don't care. Before Seroquel my IQ was tested at 158. I'd hate to think what it is now.

    1. smoke weed its helping me right now..no lie if i didnt have it i would be miserable and out for the count...i quit 2 months ago 300mg xr and now detoxing. i only smoke to calm everything down and afterward no symptoms for a good majority of the day. it helps me sleep thru the night as well and eat...hope this helps


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  115. I am trying to quit Seroquel. What a horrible drug this is. I'm coming off 50 mg, have insomnia, jitters, flu like symptoms, sweating and lots of itching. I wish I didn't work so I could just ride it out...

  116. alteaon, I know exactly where you're coming from and you can do it! Are you titrating off it slowly? It's imperative you do.

  117. Everyone please note, seroquel is more a sedative at low doses, higher doses are for psychosis. So those on high doses, thinking they just taking it for insomnia, no you are not, that drug has changed you, so taper. Slowly. Look at the serouqel charts. A jump from 800mg, to 500 mg, probably is less of a jump, than the lower doses from 200 mg to 150mg. The graph is not a straight line. Give up only 10% of previous dose every month or more. Never more than 20% of previous dose. www.wurvivingantidepressants.org is a great help site. At the moment, I have got off all my horrible psych drugs, except this one. I didnt do a taper, and have spent 18 months at home, unable to do much at all. These pills are all poisons, but do be wiser than me, taper them over years, not months. This last one serouquel, I have just cut from 25mg to 21 mg. I cut every month. Next cut will be to 18mg. Lower doses now, my scalp is red raw from scratching, my face dry and scabby, motivation zero. I panic at the thought of even having a shower. I hope I am over the worst of it by Christmas, two years suffering is a long time...... Oh, I never had any mental conditions in hindsight, realised 2 years ago, that I cannot tolerate valium, that is my only problem.

  118. I'm really glad I stumbled on this site. I'm on 50mg Seroquel xr, for 5 years now, and thought I could stop cold turkey. I'm in my second night and it's hell. Heart palpitations, anxiety, vomiting. I just took one Seroquel, and will make a plan to taper off really slowly (at least 2-3 months). I'm glad I never listened to the doctor who wanted to gradually raise my dosage.

    Best of luck to everybody on this site.

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  121. Here's my story. 48 year old female, bodybuilder, marathon runner in excellent shape. I was taking seroquel XR 600 for almost two years for bipolar disorder. I gained 20 pounds and was continuing to gain, I could not stop eating especially at night, would nod off to sleep at 9:30 pm, every once in a while out of nowhere I would feel like I was going to pass out and have to lie down on the floor for 2 hours. I completely lost my orgasm. There's more but I can't remember.
    So I decided I had enough. I cut from 600 to 300 one day. Nothing bad happened. Around 3 months went by. I had no shrink at that time. Some things started to improve.
    Got a shrink and she started tapering me while introducing lamictal. Nothing bad happened. I started slowly losing weight. I stopped passing out at 9:30. I was able to get out of bed between 6-7 am like I wanted. Orgasm came back around 50%.
    Finally I was down to 50 mg. See the shrink after a month of that and she says to just stop it now. This was Nov 22, 17 days ago.
    Immediately (that night) I was up until 2:30 and had to take 1/2 Xanax to finally pass out. That went on for almost a week. I became hypersexual almost immediately also. Crying jags. Morning anxiety and hands shaking for several hours. Rapid speech which I successfully suppressed after being told about it by my friends. Loss of appetite. Sweating with the slightest exertion. I got mean & aggressive in the gym pushing myself until my body was shaking. My heart rate increased. I thought I was ratcheting up into mania and made an appointment with my shrink.
    Before the appointment one night my entire scalp and nape started itching like crazy. The next morning it was gone. That's when I knew it was withdrawal. I felt better thinking I could just soldier through.
    Well it was about to get even worse. I'm in the throes of it right now actually. A migraine so severe it lasted 3 days. Extreme nausea. Pacing and crying uncontrollably for 2 hours. Weight just dropping off me because when I do get hungry I eat a few bites and there's the nausea right back again.
    Yesterday I felt great. Thought I was out of the woods.
    This morning I woke with a sinus headache on one side of my head. Then developed a migraine on the other side. Then the nausea again. Then the diarrhea so bad all my fluids are gone. Excedrin or Advil it doesn't matter; nothing even touches these migraines. I ate nothing but saltines all day. I'm cold sweating under my arms, between my legs and on my feet and it STINKS. I've had to wash and change my clothes 3 times already today.
    I was only taking FIFTY. If I went cold turkey from 600 I'm sure I would be dead right now.
    It's all worth it. Seroquel is bad bad bad. I've lost 13 pounds since July & still losing. I'm no longer a zombie at night. The sexual side effects are gone. I know this can keep happening for months. I already dread another itching episode. But as I said this will all be worth it.

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  129. I am night 3 of coming off 100mg cold turkey,i looked online and thought I can get through it but I'm not feeling good and reading this has scared me was it really the quetiapine

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  130. From firsthand experience, you are best off reducing your dosage very, very slowly. I tried cold turkey and suffered terribly with myriad of issues to the point I had to resume it. After reading this blog, and others, I found that slowly reducing it was most effective. It took me many, many months but was SO worth it. Good luck!


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